Life Experience Camp
Position: HOMESTUDENT DEVELOPMENT Life Experience Camp

As one of the main features of our school, the annual “Life Experience Camp” has become part of our school’s regular curriculum. In principle, all G7 to G11 students are required to join the 5-day-4-night camp of their respective grades in March or April every year.

This year’s camp arrangements are as follows: G7 Military Training Programme in Zhongshan aimsat training students’ discipline and independence. G8 Farming Experience Programme in Nansha aims at enhancing students’ sense of responsibility through labour and service. G9 Study Tour of “Sustainable Development” in Shanghai-Nanjing focuses on national education and exploration of sustainable development. G10 Student Leadership Training Programme in Cheung Chau aims at improving students’ leadership skills and problem-solving skills. G11 Historical and Cultural Tour in Henan Province focuses on exploration of local history and culture in Henan.