New Senior Secondary Curriculum
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New Senior Secondary Curriculum


Stepping into the preparation for senior secondary studies, students should get to know  about their

own strengths and weaknesses, set goals for themselves, allocate time appropriately and

develop their potentials. To achieve this, our school has devised a series of policies / measures.

Our senior secondary curriculum is flexible, coherent and multi-dimensional to cater for students of

diversified interests, needs and aptitudes. We hope that all the students could be well prepared to

meet the challenges in the final stage of their secondary school life.


Strategies and Support

• Career Guidance: Through the career guidance programme, students can know more  about

  different occupations; also, through assessments, such as aptitude tests, students  can know

  more about their own characteristics and strengths, thus facilitating them in making  subject

  choices in Grade 10 as well as their future life planning.


• Other than Chinese, English, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Geography, History, Chinese History 

  and  Integrated Science, Grade 9 students will also be provided with the opportunities to take

  preparatory courses of senior secondary subjects in order to understand their own interests and

  abilities, thus facilitating their subject selection in future.


Subject (Core/Elective)


• To meet the admission requirements of universities and to widen students’ subject choices


• To reinforce the rationale of new senior secondary curriculum: Integrating humanities  and

   science subjects


•  To provide students with various learning experiences


•  To link up with our junior secondary curriculum


•  To build on our strengths and to use resources effectively


 Core Subjects
    Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies
 Elective Subjects 
    Based on survey results
 Other Learning  Experienc
   “Other Learning Experiences” (OLE) is one of the three components
    of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum that complements the core
   and elective subjects  for  the whole person development of students.     
    The five areas of OLE include Moral and Civic Education, Community
   Service,   Career-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and
   Physical Development.  One of the  guiding principles in the design
   of school-based OLE programme is  “student-focused" :
    • Focusing on the experience gained by students and their feedback  
    • Emphasizing on individual active engagement in activities
    The integrated approach is adopted in the design of OLE programme,  
    incorporating the key elements across the five learning areas. 


Grade 9

Curriculum will be linked up with NSS subjects, with the integration of career-related 

experience, in order to provide students with more exposure and exploration.


Grade10 - Grade12

Students can choose their own electives according to their learning experiences and interests.