Social Development
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Social Development

Social Development (SD) is a typical school-based integrated curriculum at

Pui Kiu College. Through a wide range of learning approaches such as inquiry learning,

service learning, cooperative learning and independent learning, SD aims at cultivating

a sound, concrete foundation for students in developing their general knowledge, lifelong

learning skills and good attitudes. There are a wide range of rich learning experiences,

namely, international collaboration projects, scientific experiments, field trips, excursions,

workshops, seminars, community services, and so on. Each grade level contains different

thematic modules and units, which cover life science, earth science, natural science, health

education, environmental education, sex education, as well as civic and moral education.


Through learning in the SD Curriculum, we aim:

To enhance their personal and social development - developing a healthy lifestyle,

  self-management  skills and living in harmony with other people;

To develop a caring concern for the well-being of their family, the community of Hong

   Kong, the Chinese nation and the global world;

To develop an awareness of their role in society and a sense of national identity;

To develop students’  inquiry-mindedness, investigative skills and problem-solving

  capabilities in  science and technology; and

To connect what they have learnt in school to daily life and their living environment for

   exploring the possibility of environment and sustainability.